My name is Sang Won Lee and I am a Computer Scientist, Music Technologist and Industrial Engineer. I am currently a PhD Student, working with Dr. Georg Essl at the Computer Science Department,  University of Michigan and works on projects which lie between music and computer science. Through my research in computer music, I am seeking a music environment that helps people connected with music. More specifically, I am interested in creating new ways of interactions in music-making/listening among audience, performers, composer and machines over network(either digital or social).

I graduated from Seoul National University in South Korea with a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Engineering with a focus on Human Factors Science. I spent more than five years in the IT business and pursued master degree to study further in the field. In 2010, I earned a Master’s Degree in Management Science and Engineering from Stanford, focusing on Probability, Stochastic, and Optimization. During the program I developed an interest in Music Technology and in how engineering disciplines can be embedded into musical environments to enhance the pleasure of music listening. I decided to make a transition to the field the filed of Music Technology and got into graduate program in GTCMT, Georgia Tech. I have explored wide spectrum of developing new ways of interaction in music making and music listening. I was fortunate to write a Master’s thesis about audience participation music piece using smartphones, supervised by Dr. Jason Freeman and made me want to be a computer music researcher.

Other than thinking about geeky music applications, I like to play basketball and watch comedy shows.

email : sangwonlee717 [ at ] gmail [ dot ] com