BeatScape Performance Video@ FutureMedia Fest 2010

BeatScape performance in October 2010 @ FutureMedia Fest 2010

With Aaron Albin, Andrew Collela, Avinash Sastry, and Sertan Şentürk

Beatscape @ FutureMedia Fest from Sertan Senturk on Vimeo.

Beatscape is a mixed virtual-physical environment for musical ensembles where sound objects interact with temporal waves to create rhythmic grooves. Musical outcomes in the virtual world are determined by the ensemble’s actions in the physical world. Part of the ensemble manipulates physical objects representing sounds while the other part triggers the sound objects by generating waves with hand gestures. In this piece, both parts of the ensemble explore the degree to which their contributions are both static and dynamic, and how combining the two elements finally results in the ensemble arriving at its full expressive potential.


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